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TEDxPorvorim: A world we create

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

What a ride 2020 has been. For me personally, the year came with a lot of reflection, lessons and time to redirect my life guided by passion. For this, I am extremely fortunate and grateful. I've seized the opportunity to spread the message of the urgency of climate change and the role we can play to mitigate its impact.

In keeping with this, I am hosting a virtual Tedx event on the 10th of January, 2021, as part of Countdown — a global movement to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. So please join me to kick off our new year together on a note of hope, resolutions and course correction.

The event comes to you live from my home in Goa, India. It's free and it's open to all. A thoughtfully curated session, TEDxPorvorim will feature talks from Countdown’s global launch event (see full program here) with a spotlight on building resilience in our children and youth through increased conversations around climate change. I look around me - at how the youth are taking matters into their hands after their elders and political leaders are failing them, destroying the environment, and I think of all the little children around me and am compelled to do something to protect their future, to help them be more resilient to what might be in store for them.

We’ll discuss simple ways in which to engage children and young people, to help them understand the cause-effect relationship of the actions that they take today and in the future.

This event is for you if you are curious, enthusiastic, concerned, conscious and interested in creating a healthier, thriving future for our world. You in? Click here to register.

What to expect?

  • This is an interactive, virtual session — to get together with people from all over Goa and connect on a mammoth problem that’s affecting us all - especially the younger generation.

  • Gain new insights and perspectives on the climate crisis and why all of this matters!

  • A chance to listen to powerful talks by inspiring speakers from COUNTDOWN’s global launch event. We're also going to have a couple of our local heroes share their stories.

  • Share your own experiences and best practices with the rest of us. What are you already involved and doing? A chance to learn from one another, join dots and build on efforts already underway in your local communities.

  • And finally, let's pledge together to set some goals, take some action and create some positive energy for the new year.

CAN I COUNT YOU IN? Register now!

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