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What is your LOHAS quotient?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

LOHAS = Lifestyle of health and sustainability

Maybe you think you are, or you're unsure. Whichever, the case may be, take this quiz from the researchers at the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) to find out whether you're living LOHAS.

Answer the questions with rarely, sometimes or usually, then add your points to see which segment you're in. If your response is rarely, give yourself 1 point; for sometimes, give yourself 2 points; for usually, score 3 points.

  1. I care about maintaining excellent physical health.

  2. I care about protecting the environment.

  3. I care about sustainable agriculture practices.

  4. I care about using renewable energy sources.

  5. I tell family and friends about the benefits of purchasing environmentally friendly products.

  6. I care about women's issues.

  7. I care about social consciousness.

  8. I prefer to buy products from companies whose values are like mine.

  9. I like choosing environmentally friendly products and services.

  10. I'm willing to pay 20 percent more for environmentally friendly products.

26-30 Points: You're a LOHAS consumer. You care deeply about the environment and society, and you act on those behaviours. You likely buy a lot of organic foods, drive a fuel-efficient car and live in an eco-friendly home. People look to you for advice and information on the environment and society.

20-25 Points: You're a NOMADIC. You care about some of these issues but not all of them all of the time. You take action in some parts of your life but have not totally adopted a LOHAS lifestyle.

15-19 Points: You're a CENTRIST. You are slightly more conservative than your LOHAS and NOMADIC peers. While some of these behaviours and ideas appeal to you, they are not top priorities in your life.

10-14 Points: You're an INDIFFERENT. You are committed to other immediate concerns in your life and don't think a great deal about the quality of the environment and society.

Now that you know, I hope you will make some efforts to go up one notch. Here's some more information to help you make better informed choices in life.

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